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ConcertsDàmaris Gelabert returns to the San Miguel Tarraco Arena

Dàmaris Gelabert returns to the San Miguel Tarraco Arena

After 25 years in the world of children's music, Dàmaris Gelabert ends his career with a last tour. La gira dels 25is a tribute to a career of dedication and love for music and children.

Who is Dàmaris Gelabert?

Dàmaris Gelabert is a Catalan singer-songwriter and music educator, known mainly for her work in the field of children's music and music education for children.

Dàmaris has developed an extensive musical career, creating and performing songs aimed at children. Her compositions are designed to be educational and entertaining, allowing children to learn in a playful way. 

Throughout her career, Dàmaris has released several albums aimed at children, and her songs are frequently used in educational contexts, such as schools and kindergartens. Songs such as "Bon Dia!", "Els Dies de la Setmana", "Me'n Vaig a Dormir" or "La Castanyera " have marked the success and popularity of the artist. 

The video clip of his song "Los mosquitos" has more than 396 million reproductions.

On December 23rd, he will return to the San Miguel Tarraco Arena to present his latest tour.


Dàmaris already gave us an unforgettable night last summer 2021 at the Tarragona Music Festival. Families could enjoy a night full of dance and music with the little ones. You can see the photos in our archive.

This year, Dàmaris will return to the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, this time accompanied on stage by the incredible Grow Up Singing Band. She will also count with the participation of a spectacular group of dancers and the pianist and musical director Àlex Martínez.

You can not miss this concert for the whole family where you can spend an evening singing and dancing with the little ones of the house.  

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