Coque Malla


March 23, 2024 at 21h
Palau Firal Tarragona


Coque Malla returns to the stage after a year without playing. Come and enjoy his songs that have been successful as No puedo vivir sin ti. Don't miss his return and buy your ticket now!


Even if we are dead Tour:

A year without playing is a long time. Maybe too long. But it was necessary and it has certainly been worth it. The band and I are ready to present to you the hard work that has kept us busy during most of these months of stage silence, in a tour that, I hope, will last a long time. We present songs that speak of the passing of time, of discoveries and losses, of fragility, of the shadow of death... And paradoxically it is an album, in my opinion, very luminous.

In the lyrics you will find the word death 3 times, the word dead 3 times, the word I will die 5 or 6 times... that is to say: it is an album about life. And about looking for the way to live it in the only way I understand that it is necessary to live it: playing it. In love, in sex, in friendship, in art, on the road... and of course: on stage. Play it, there is no other way.

What show are you going to see with such a premise? Well, now it's your turn; you're going to have to do the same: take your chances.
Take a gamble and be prepared for anything, because we're certainly going to try to make it something you've never seen before.

Something that makes us all feel absolutely alive... even if we are dead. See you soon. We are waiting for you...

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