Freestyle World Tour


17 February 2024 17 February 2024 at 19:30h (18:00h ap)
San Miguel Tarraco Arena


The world's most prestigious Freestyle event, Freestyle World Tour, comes to Tarragona for the first time.

The San Miguel Tarraco Arena will be the stage that will host this spectacular show in which the wildest riders in the world will perform incredible tricks. The event will take place next Saturday, February 17, 2024 at 7:30 pm.

Authentic specialists in the greatest motor show. Back flips, supermans, incredible tricks, crazy jumps, explosions...

The public will be able to listen to the roar of the engines while the Riders perform impossible stunts in which balance and skill will be the key to the show.

The most successful freestyle riders in the world will arrive in Tarragona: Dani Torres - Red Bull X-fighters World Champion, Pedro Moreno - 4 times Spanish Champion, Saul Mengual, Javi Dols 'Jabato' and Raül Lerena.

It will be an evening to remember. The brave pilots will jump at heights of up to 15 meters and distances of more than 30 meters, in a spectacular setting.

A day of full throttle excitement! You will experience the impossible!




  • Children up to 1 year of age, access without a ticket. If they occupy a seat, a ticket is required.
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