First of all, a lot of calm


September 22, 2024 at 19h (18h ap)
Palau Firal Tarragona


Jose Corbacho arrives to make you have a good time full of laughs. To begin with, he laughs at himself: something indispensable that he was taught since he started in show business.
But he also laughs at everything around him. Of everything. Of his wife, of his son. Of his mother. Of his sister. Of his brother-in-law. Of his family. And also of his neighborhood. Of his city. Of his country. Of all your countries.
Of our rulers. Our kings and our princes. And of their principles. Above all, of their principles.
But don't worry, he will also laugh at you. Those of you who go to see him at the theater. And those who don't. Why? Because. Because the way things are, we have to laugh: we all have to laugh, and a lot!



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