Luis Zahera Chungo


July 26, 2024 at 21h (20h ap)
Palau Firal Tarragona


LUIS ZAHERA, renowned and award-winning Galician actor, winner of two Goya awards (As Bestas, Entrevías, Vivir sin permiso, El Reino, Alatriste, Celda 211...),

He returns to the PALAU FIRAL DE TARRAGONA with his monologue "CHUNGO".

A review that spans from his beginnings as an actor to his current success, his childhood in his native Compostela, his family and a host of stories and anecdotes that will transport the audience to the surrealism that Luis faces every morning when he wakes up.
90 minutes of non-stop comedy in which he will take us on a journey full of anecdotes from both his professional and personal life and in which Zahera himself will be the one to ridicule Luis Zahera. Laughter, disconnection and a good time are guaranteed with this great of the screen and the stage.

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