Corporate Social Responsibility

At San Miguel Tarraco Arena we have worked since our inception to be a socially responsible company. Our goal is not only to energize the cultural and leisure scene in Tarragona, but to do so with a firm commitment to people and their environment.

One of the areas we highlight is our commitment to our human team. In this sense, we have always been committed to having an inclusive and egalitarian team, in which there are no differences based on gender or race.

We also care about the health of our team by offering annual medical check-ups. Offering an ideal working environment is the first step to ensure that the site and all the activities that take place there run smoothly.

This commitment to people is also manifested in the attention received by the public. In general, we have a customer service hotline to answer any questions before and after the events. Because attending one of the events held at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena is an experience that begins before the event in question and continues over time, after the end of the event.

The attention we offer to the public is also reflected in the accessibility measures of the venue. In this regard, at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena we have accesses and areas perfectly signposted for people with reduced mobility.


Likewise, we have developed different projects related to awareness and coeducation, in order to offer a service to the public with reduced mobility and any type of disability. The other main pillar that articulates the social responsibility of the San Miguel Tarraco Arena is respect for the environment. In this area, we carry out numerous actions, such as the implementation and use of the recyclable cup in all the events held at the venue.

Likewise, we have a firm policy of recycling and selective collection of waste generated by the equipment, both at events and in the offices on a daily basis. In addition to all this, the building has an electrical system powered by solar panels, which allows us to heat the accumulators for hot water for the showers.

Besides, at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, we are involved with the activities carried out in the city and the territory, being sponsors of activities, such as the Bicicletada de Tarragona. Our venue is not only a cultural dynamizer of the territory for the activities we organize, but it is also committed to promote and encourage other activities organized by Tarragona's entities, to make the region a rich and committed territory.

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