Corporate Social Responsibility

We work day after day to be a responsible and conscious company with the society and its environment. We seek to energize the cultural and leisure scene in Tarragona. At the same time, we take care of our business actions with the aim of leaving future generations a better planet than the one we know. To do so, we follow the philosophy of the 3 main pillars that define us:

Experiences of excellent quality

  • We guarantee the acoustic safety of all the people present at the events, so that their hearing level is not affected by the event.
  • We have the best music equipment, and we control the sound level of each of our musical events, to avoid disturbing our neighbors. Issuing final report certified by an ECA of each one of them.
  • We use the latest rigging technology.
  • We offer wifii and fiber optics depending on the needs of our events.
  • Our customer service team allows us to answer any questions before and after any event, because the experience of an event begins before the event and ends days after it.

Responsible experiences

  • We promote socially responsible events that respect the environment.
  • The entire site uses LED lights to reduce our pollution.
  • We have calculated the carbon footprint of one of our events, and plan to do so for future events.
  • We use recyclable plastics throughout the enclosure.
  • We follow a policy of recycling and selective collection of the waste generated by the equipment.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Experiences for all audiences

  • Our users do not have to travel to larger cities to enjoy the events.
  • We offer all audiences the opportunity to enjoy their favorite artists up close.
  • We include in all our events spaces for people with reduced mobility.
  • Soon it will be possible to enjoy events with translations for the hearing impaired.
  • We sponsor activities in the territory to bring culture and good habits to society.
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