May God take us by surprise


June 9, 2024 at 19h
Palau Firal Tarragona


The new comedy directed by Josema Yuste arrives at Palau de Congresos in which Father Beltrán (played by Josema Yuste himself) visits the Marquise Pilar (Esther del Prado), who has a valuable 17th century painting. The inspector (Santiago Urrialde) has checked the security measures and rules out that a thief could take it. But the priest doesn't miss a thing, and suspects that the plumber Floren (Javier Losán) is planning a robbery. A botched robbery, yes, but a robbery nonetheless...

Blessed are the spectators of this comedy! For they will enjoy an entanglement with suspicions, cops, thieves, love, swindles, temptations and even a circus...

Here everyone has sins to hide... and it will always be better ...... THAT GOD PILES US CONFESSED.

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