Tarraco Arena Teams


May 4, 2024 May 5, 2024
San Miguel Tarraco Arena


Next April 4 and 5, 2024 the San Miguel Tarraco Arena will host the first Cross Training competition in its history.


A team competition of 4 athletes (2 girls and 2 boys).

These athletes will have to overcome different tests and will get to know their unexplored limits.


Tarraco Arena Games is different because of how it will adapt to the athlete.

The goal is to encourage all athletes, regardless of their level, to compete, to break the ice of some first times, and even to try new moves or combinations.


Do not hesitate, assemble your team, record the 2 level wods to enter a category before January 28th, and come and enjoy a weekend of community, sport and surprises in one of the most emblematic buildings of Tarragona, a World Heritage City.


For more information visit her instagram @tarracoarena.teams or his official website tarracoarena.games.

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