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HistoryTarragona, city of filming
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Tarragona, city of filming

Since the beginning of history, Costa Dorada has been chosen by various civilizations, from Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, as a place to settle due to its strategic location, its gastronomy, its tranquility and its excellent climate.


At present it has not been very different, since Tarragona city of corporate events, has been the scene of numerous productions for its personal character that prevails in the memory. The province of Tarragona offers the best sunsets in Catalonia, in addition to its fine golden sand, its small rocky coves that are hidden along its coastline of contrasts and its remarkable Mediterranean cuisine.

The beaches of this province have served as a temporary set on numerous occasions from 2012 to 2019, hosting the most varied productions. We have seen everything from music videos, commercials and fashion campaigns to major films and television series.


A ranking prepared by Holidu in 2019, through the film and audiovisual database IMDb, positions Tarragona as the 18th province with the most films produced in Spain, with 84 shootings. Tarragona is below Bilbao with 87, and above San Sebastian with 80.

The cinematographic list, headed by Madrid with 2174 productions, and preceded by Barcelona, with 1597, shows how Tarragona is positioned in 3rd place in the ranking of Catalan cities with more productions in Catalonia.


Some of the most important films shot in the vicinity of this territory have been the feature film Julia's Eyes by Guillem Morales (2010), the music video clip of the group El Son de la Chama titled Als de dalt (2013), the feature film Son of Cain by the director Jesús Monllaó (2013), the commercial El campanero de la paz by Lays (2014), the feature film El Secuestro by Mar Targarona (2016), the tv series The Cathedral of the Sea (2016), and the advertising campaign of Estrella Damm: La vida nostra (2017), among others.


So, as you can see, Tarragona and its surroundings are ideal to build your film set. Also in San Miguel Tarraco Arena, a space for events and shows, you have an incomparable setting for film productions.

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