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Gala dinnersA gala dinner of unique magnitude
Tailor-made event Barcelona Tarragona

A gala dinner of unique magnitude

The San Miguel Tarraco Arena is located in the old bullring of Tarragona, which was built in 1883. Preserving its personality and its exterior, it was remodeled to transform it into an exclusive space with unique features to hold all kinds of events.


It has the most modern and state-of-the-art equipment and technical aspects, in order to offer a service of great magnitude and high level.



It is currently a benchmark project in Catalonia, suitable for all types of customers and visitors.

Its location in the center of the city of Tarragona, allows access to the square from the Circunvalación Highway and the Carretera de Reus, also has several public transport connections that connect the city with the square.

Its proximity to the AVE high-speed train station, located 10 minutes away, and the two nearest airports (7 km from Reus and 80 km from Barcelona), make the accessibility of this space unbeatable.

Also, its enviable climate and rich cultural heritage, with Roman architecture, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, encourages to know the city and get lost in the historic streets of Tarragona.


In March 2017, the San Miguel Tarraco Arena became a luxury hall to host 3,000 people and host a majestic gala dinner for a French company. A tailor-made event that adapted each space to the client's needs, offering to live a unique experience.

We accommodated 1,800 people distributed among the 2,500 m² center court, which was entirely covered with carpeting specially chosen for the occasion. In addition, the second gallery was adapted to accommodate another 1,200 people, ensuring a unique magnitude to the event. Red and yellow ribbons tied to each chair, together with a bouquet of red flowers as a centerpiece, created the perfect setting for a simple yet elegant decoration.


The guests enjoyed a tasty appetizer followed by a tasting menu offered by the San Miguel Tarraco Arena prepared and customized specifically for the event. The dishes were served lightly, thanks to the waiters, who distributed the plates in an organized way so that no diner had to wait.

The atmosphere of the dinner was adapted to the Mediterranean climate of the city, thanks to the retractable dome, which was closing and opening allowing to see the sky of Tarragona through its 40 meters in diameter.


A stage was installed, on which a musical show accompanied the evening, creating a fun and lively atmosphere among the attendees, with sensational lighting and production, coupled with a spectacular sound. In addition, two screens were placed on the sides of the stage to facilitate the correct visualization of the concert for the diners located in more distant areas.

The evening went smoothly and dynamically, thanks to the organization and management of the event. The diners were able to live an exclusive and unforgettable experience, thanks to the dedication and care of every detail that we at Tarraco Arena Plaça give to each of our customers.

We work hard so that each project or purpose meets your expectations and becomes a personalized experience, since our chameleon-like character allows us to adjust and adapt to every need and requirement, in order to create a memory that will be repeated.


You can see the result in our photo archive.

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