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A private event with 20 Food Trucks

Discover the versatility of our space with the new publication in our blog of a tailor-made Food Truck event. At the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, we make possible everything you can imagine... meet us!

We grouped 20 Food Trucks of different culinary styles in our 2500m² arena, distributing them around the central plaza and leaving space for rustic style tables and benches. We also placed in the center a beverage bar with the necessary dimensions to supply all the diners.


Best of all, the client came to our space not knowing what he was going to find!


The dynamics of this event were easy, fun and managed by the customers themselves, who could choose which route to follow through the different vintage style vans.


The diversity of food and flavors allows us to travel from one place to another. Savoring delicacies from different regions allows us to enjoy a gastronomic experience that remains in our palate for a few minutes. For this reason, at this dinner we were able to enjoy exquisite specialties, from the most traditional cuisine to the most innovative cuisine with diverse fusions.

Some of the proposals served were, for example, a successful variety of paellas, gourmet hamburgers, different skewers, exotic salads, Japanese food, homemade ice cream and natural juices, all made with high quality products. In addition, we also took into account different gastronomic varieties focused on vegetarian cuisine, vegan cuisine, gluten-free or lactose-allergic preparations.


The night was progressing with great expectation from the customer, while some Food Trucks were serving arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese salads, others were serving salmon, fresh cheese and shrimp sandwiches or mini beef burgers.

The most festive part of the event was in charge of two German DJ's who provided the best music and sound for the evening. With a spectacular production and lighting, customers had fun to the rhythm of a saxophone and the speakers played the latest music. Attendees were able to dance on a large wooden surface strategically placed in front of the stage, located in the upper area of "toriles".


Enjoying unique experiences in an environment such as San Miguel Tarraco Arena makes everything have a special, magical and different meaning. For this same reason, we also took great care of the decoration and the atmosphere of the emblematic venue. The play of lights focusing on our wonderful retractable dome and the shadows of the different spotlights filled the room with light. Also the banners hung from side to side gave a touch of color to a special evening that will surely be repeated this year 2018.

We work with passion, effort and dedication so that our shows, concerts, corporate events, gala dinners and everything that we propose are unique and unforgettable experiences. Our desire is to create a memory that will last forever and will be repeated.


You can see the result in our photo archive.

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