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Tailor-made eventsWorld premiere of the new Seat at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena
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World premiere of the new Seat in the San Miguel Tarraco Arena

With a unique and spectacular atmosphere, San Miguel Tarraco Arena was transformed to receive the World Premiere of the new vehicle Seat Tarracowhich enters through the front door to be part of the third model of Seat's Suv segment and which will be from now on the flagship of the brand.

A contest with popular vote finally gave the new vehicle the name Tarraco in homage to the ancient Tarragona of Roman times.

And, of course, Tarragona and San Miguel Tarraco Arena San Miguel Tarraco Arena were chosen as the great Mediterranean stage for the world premiere of the new model Seat Tarraco.

After six months of preparations, last September was chosen for the development and preparation of the event.

An incredible set-up with 150 people involved, 240 hours of work, 18,600 watts of power and 13,000 meters of cable were necessary to present the new Seat Tarraco at Tarraco Arena.

San Miguel Tarraco Arena turned this event into a personalized experience thanks to its versatile nature, which allowed adapting the space to every need required by the client.

The installation of a large screen in the center court offered the possibility of dividing the venue into two completely different and pleasant atmospheres.

The main stalls, where the opening ceremony took place, were adapted with a grandstand designed specifically for the occasion, allowing the more than 300 journalists specialized in the world of motorsports to approach the area where the new Tarraco vehicle appeared for the first time.


Luca de Meo, president of the Seat brand emphasized during the presentation, "It is our first large Suv and is part of the €3 billion investment we are making for the 2015-2019 period to guarantee the future of the company and our vehicle range."


In the area set up as a luncheon area with a Mediterranean atmosphere, the first positive comments were heard from the different spaces that communicated with each other through a ramp that crossed the screen and allowed vehicles to make closed circuits during the presentation.

This gave a very entertaining and visual dynamic that met all the expectations demanded by our client, with whom we hope to organize a new event like this one.


You can see the images of this event in our photo archive.

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