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The Art of Ticketing

For us , Ticketing is an essential backbone of the column that supports our organization, as it is 100% focused on our end customer . One of its denominations refers to the management of incidents, requests, doubts and queries through a control and follow-up model.
Identifies the most recurrent incidents and simplifies after-sales service. It allows the development of a list of frequently asked questions or a database with which to offer immediate solutions to the most common problems.

The ticketing doesn't end here, it also talks about everything that has to do with online ticketing, and in that, we are experts...

During last year we sold more than 25,000 tickets, in no case is this the capacity we assume in 2019. We must take into account that in each event there is more than one channel. It means that this amount would be exponentially increased if we add the promoters, and the multiple platforms that exist.

Let's simplify, our team of professionals is the best option to coordinate the exclusive sale of tickets, and undoubtedly, the best support to complete your event.

Let's talk about the more traditional and historical formula:

Direct sale of the show: The promoter itself is the one that enables its own sales channel to make its tickets available to the public.


As of today...

They have surrendered to the evidence and to user trends and sell their tickets through more or less large platforms. And so, we discovered other possibilities, such as private-to-private sales (with their intense debates on the border of legality).

And finally, how this trend is emerging in Spain,


Who were the driving forces?

A) Banking
B) Anonymous entrepreneurs
C) The Tarraco Arena Plaza

Although many of you have thought of option C, the correct answer is: A) THE BANK.


We will exemplify this conclusion with some names that will surely ring a bell:

Ticktackticket was an initiative of BBVA, a benchmark and pioneer in our country. It was later absorbed by the giant Ticketmaster (a worldwide reference) in an operation that would prove to be very beneficial bidirectionally. 


You will also have heard of Atrápalo, Servicaixa... although we will talk about who has reigned in our country since its birth!



In fact, the success of did not go unnoticed by Spanish banks. At the time, its shareholders included financial institutions such as Bankia and Caja Navarra. Thanks to the good management of the company and its progressive increase in ticket sales and the exclusive procurement of major musical and sporting events.


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