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sustainabilitySan Miguel Tarraco Arena and its carbon footprint

San Miguel Tarraco Arena and its carbon footprint

San Miguel Tarraco Arena joins as a member of the Amazon restoration and protection project as a result of the calculation for the reduction of the carbon footprint of the events held in this space.

What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment as a result of an activity, in this case, the performance of a show. To calculate the carbon footprint of an event, factors such as the transportation of performers, electricity consumption and waste production are taken into account.

San Miguel Tarraco Arena has worked from the beginning to be a socially responsible company. That is why it has implemented various measures such as the use of renewable energies and responsible waste management in all events.

Thanks to these actions, its carbon footprint has been reduced, making it possible to enjoy concerts and events in a responsible way while contributing to the protection of the environment.


They also want to go further and thanks to the NGO Saving The Amazon together with the company Creast it has been possible to offset the emissions generated by planting trees in the lungs of the planet: the Amazon. Their tree "Tarraco Arena" of the Molinillo species is planted in the indigenous reservation of Puerto Paloma, an important area to maintain the climatic balance of our planet.

San Miguel Tarraco Arena contributes to the conservation of one of the most important regions in the world together with the economic and social development of the indigenous communities of Vaupés.

We invite you to discover our next events and contribute to this new initiative.

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