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Events10th anniversary San Miguel Tarraco Arena

10th anniversary San Miguel Tarraco Arena

During the past month of March 2023, APIC Media celebrated its 10th anniversary managing the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, offering exciting events in Tarragona, from concerts to conventions.

The beginnings of the venue's management date back to 2013, when Agència de Publicitat Internacional Catalana, S.L (APIC Media) took on the role of managing the events to be held at the emblematic San Miguel Tarraco Arena.

During this decade, more than 1 million people have enjoyed the shows at the venue, generating a direct economic impact of more than 24 million euros and a total impact of 50.5 million euros, taking into account the indirect and induced economic impact. For this reason, the Tarraco Arena is currently considered one of the economic and cultural engines of the city of Tarragona, involving local companies in its activity.

The number of annual spectators has been increasing, reaching 150,000 attendees at past events in 2022. 


Music lovers have had the opportunity to enjoy exciting concerts by artists such as Ricky Martin, Aitana, Melendi, Lola Indigo and Estopa, among others. Ricky Martin, Aitana, Melendi, Lola Indigo and Estopa, among others.

Thanks to the support of sponsors, collaborators and promoters who have trusted APIC Media throughout these 10 years, it has been possible to organize and carry out a large number of events suitable for all audiences. And above all, thanks to the attendees who have made this celebration possible.

This 2023 promises to be a year full of music and entertainment at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, as more than 20 events have been confirmed for this year, including Pablo Alboran ' s "La Cuarta Hoja 2023" touron July 1, Melendi' s "Cerrando Cicatrices" tour on August 8 and Raphael's "Victoria" tour on November 11.

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