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Concerts10 TIPS you need to know before going to a concert
10 tips you need to know before going to a concert

10 TIPS you need to know before going to a concert

At the San Miguel Tarraco Arena we look after your comfort as a user. For this reason, and now that we are at the gates of summer, we leave you 10 tips you need to know before a concert.

Comfortable clothing and footwear

To make the most of your experience at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to dance and move to the rhythm of the music. In addition, to choose your clothes, take into account the weather. Bring warm clothes if necessary or summer clothes in case it is hot. Remember that in some of our events we offer a checkroom service. In case it is offered, you will be able to know it through the description of the event in our website.

Uses a camera without lenses and without using flash

The use of such cameras with flash and lenses, which are usually large and can obstruct the view of other spectators. In addition, the use of the previously mentioned elements can disturb both the artist and the users of the enclosure influencing both the stage lighting and the quality of the show.

Find out about the entrance and start times of the event.

A bad schedule planning can cause you to miss part of the concert. To avoid this, we recommend that you check your ticket, the website or our app Tarraco Arena. In addition, the days before, you will receive a newsletter via email that will inform you of the schedules and access to the site of your event. To ensure that no one misses this information, we reinforce the communication on the day of the event by publishing it on social networks. If you are a member, you will receive a notification from the Tarraco Arena app.

You cannot enter with food, but you will be able to buy it inside.

You can get your drink, either food or beverage, in one of our bars that you will find inside the enclosure. Do not forget that, if you have the app, you can buy your order from your site, saving you queues and having cheaper savings packs.

Keep an eye on your belongings

Carry accessories that you can keep in sight. Avoid unzipped bags and backpacks on your back. This way you will avoid losing the objects you carry with you.

 These 10 tips will make your experience at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena unique


Bring your downloaded or printed tickets

To speed up access to the venue, we recommend having your tickets handy. If you bring your tickets unloaded, make sure you have enough battery power to show them when you enter the venue.

Respect for neighbors

At the San Miguel Tarraco Arena we look after both the welfare of users and that of the neighbors surrounding the venue. Therefore, in order to continue offering quality activities, it is necessary that as a user you also respect the quality of life of those who surround us.

Download the App of the Tarraco Arena

Become a member of Tarraco Arena and enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase of your tickets for some events and, in addition, you will save time in the access queue. You can have saving packs that include drink and popcorn or snack. You can also book parking through TelPark and make blue zone payments from your cell phone through our FlowBird app.

Bring authorization in case you are under 16 years of age.

All children under 16 must enter with an adult, mother, father or legal guardian. In addition, they must bring a signed authorization form which can be found here. Please note that this may change depending on the promoter of the event.

Enjoy the experience

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