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Corporate EventsThe San Miguel Tarraco Arena is now open for the first time
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The San Miguel Tarraco Arena is now open for the first time

At the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, we are launching a new pavement in the indoor area, which will help to make the different events we organize every year more comfortable.


Instead of the previous sand that we could find in the 2,500m2 of central square, it now has a perfect technical floor of polished agglomerate. The refurbishment was carried out throughout the month of April and was inaugurated with the concert of the artist Rosendo on April 28th.

One of the special features of the new pavement is its color, imitating the shade of the old sand, with the aim of creating a balanced atmosphere and thus preserving the historical roots of the square. This will improve the performance of the different assemblies as well as the comfort of those attending our events.


In addition, the pavement has been reinforced with a waterproof finish to prevent liquid seepage and ensure a longer service life of the surface.


At San Miguel Tarraco Arena we work hard to ensure that each event we organize meets your expectations and becomes a personalized experience, since our chameleon-like nature allows us to adapt to every need and requirement, in order to create a unique memory that will be repeated.

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