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ConcertsCeltas Cortos and April 20th
20 de abril and Celtas Cortos

Celtas Cortos and April 20

In 1984, four friends from a high school in Valladolid, decided to join together to make the music they were passionate about, rock music, and they created Celtas Cortos.


One night, Jesús Cifuentes, leader of the band, was melancholic and began to write a letter to an old friend, recalling nostalgic moments of their past adventures and the good old days spent on weekends at the Cabaña del Turmo, a mountain hut in the town of Benasque (Huesca) in the Estós Valley. 


His friend and partner, Nacho Martín, provided the melody, giving way to one of the greatest hits of Spanish music, "20 de Abril". Although Cifu discards that the letter has a sender, many fans feel identified with the song.

Experience this great Celtas Cortos song live from the San Miguel Tarraco Arena.

In short, success can appear when you least expect it and sometimes, something as simple as a sincere letter can lead you to it. 

Enjoy the best presentation letter of Los Celtas Cortos in this country and many more hits on the next October 28th at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena. Do not miss a unique night to the rhythm of this great song. Come and experience the best Celtic rock live.

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