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ComedyWhat is done in Santa Tecla?
What is done in Santa Tecla?

What is done in Santa Tecla?

The Santa Tecla Festivities include a series of events held throughout the month of September in Tarragona, in honor of the patron saint of the city. The celebrations of Santa Tecla usually begin on September 15th and last until September 24. Here are some of the we recommend some of the activities that you can't miss during these dates.

First day of Fiestas

During the first day of celebrations, which is usually around September 15, the mayor presides over the "Crida" (call to all those who are part of the festivities). Then, in the town hall square, the first "Tronada" takes place, a spectacular daytime pyrotechnics display that starts the festivities. that starts the festivities

September 21

The three toques de pregón mark the beginning of that day's festivities. Then, the second tronada of the celebration is lit. Then, the begins the seguici with the Gegants that parade through the city of Tarragona.

Finally, in the early morning of the 21st, the Baixada del Eaglefrom the Pla de la Seu, where different elements of the elements of the seguici as the Eagle, the Gegants vells, the Lleó y the Mulassa to the rhythm of Amparito Roca, carried by a crowd of young young people enthusiasts.

Santa Tecla ends at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena.

September 22

The most important events of the previous day of Santa Tecla are concentrated in the afternoon, at 19:00. 19h is the time of the Popular Follow y Cercavilawhere musicians and beasts parade through the streets of Tarragona. The dawn of September 23 is celebrated the splicing in the upper part of Tarragona, a celebration where you can enjoy enjoy the music offering various concerts in the streets of the oldest part of the city..

September 23rd 

The Toc de Matinades is a piece that the grallers interpret at dawn, to communicate to the population the beginning of the day the beginning of the day of the Tarragona's Festa Major.. During the morning takes place the Popular Follow-up y at and at noon begins the "diada castellera". In addition, as a novelty this yearat 20:45h you can enjoy a great production and passionate and free love stories by the hand of the musical LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE presented by Ramón Gener and José Corbacho at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena.

September 24 

On this last day of the festivities of Tarragonatake place els Pilars Caminant followed by the "diada castellera".

This year, in addition, you will be able to complement the final day of Santa Tecla with the monologue by Martita de Granáwhich will take place at 19h in the San Miguel Tarraco Arena, where you can enjoy a show full of his witty and characteristic humor that you can not miss.To end the day, at 22h begins the Correfoc of the territory, bringing together all the followers in the the Balcó Mediterrani to end the festivities.

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