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ConcertsHow can students create a band and become successful?
20 de abril and Celtas Cortos

How can students create a band and become successful?

Creating a band and achieving success can be an exciting journey that requires dedication, teamwork and a passion for music.

How did the rock band CELTAS CORTOS do it in 1984 to become the reference band for young people?  


Here are some tips:

- Find your musical styleIt is important to decide what kind of music you like or would like to do so that you feel comfortable playing. The Celtas Cortos shared an interest in Castilian, Breton, and Irish folklore. From there they found their own style and essence to make music.

- Develop and focus on your skills: Focus on improving your skills with instruments or singing. You can watch videos on Youtube or sign up for lessons.

- Write songs: Write everything that comes to mind in a notebook. You can use it as inspiration to create your own songs. The most successful songs are the ones with sincere lyrics. April 20th was born from a letter that is an ode to the experiences lived during youth. This song was the one that led Celtas Cortos to success.

- Practice and perform regularly: Constant practice is critical to improving as a band. Afternoons after school, weekends or your free time, use them to improve your technique and practice. The Short Celts practiced both in school and after school.

- Get used to playing in front of an audience: Play in front of your family and friends. Doing it in front of people you are comfortable with will make the possible fear or nervousness of going on stage go away.

- Maintain your passion and perseverance: The road to success in music can be challenging and requires patience and perseverance - don't give up! If Celtas Cortos had given up at the first rejection letter from a record label they would never have gotten to where they are today.

In short, success can appear when you least expect it and sometimes, something as simple as a sincere letter can lead you to it. Next October 28th we will enjoy an evening with Los Celtas Cortos at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena. Buy your tickets here.

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