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ConcertsMelendi, a timeless artist

Melendi, a timeless artist

Ramón Melendi Espina, commonly known as Melendi is a Spanish singer-songwriter and composer of pop and rumba, of which, surely you have had more than one song going around in your head, but do you already know his musical career?

He "doesn't want to go through our lives like fads" so he has been growing up with all of us.

His path began in 2001, forming part of the group El Bosque de Sherwood . Shortly after he recorded his first demo and first album: Sin noticias de Holanda . A debut that reached number 1 in sales, an achievement that he has achieved repeatedly over the years.

In 2010 he presented "Volvamos a empezar", an album that marked a before and after in his career and in his life. In 2012, two years later, he returned to his rock side with the album "Lagrimas desordenadas". It was to date his most mature, vital and sincere album, in which he sought to get rid of old barriers.

"Quítate las gafas" (2016) is his eighth studio album, the first he has produced, and the album that consolidates him in Spain and definitely opens the doors to the American continent. At the end of 2018 he is proclaimed as the most listened Spanish artist on Spotify Spain in its entire history.

In addition to continuing with her tour, she continued her work as a coach in La Voz Kids Spain and went into La Voz Kids Mexico. 

"Likes y cicatrices" is Melendi's eleventh album released in November 2021. In this work we can find songs such as: "La boca junta"together with Venezuelans Mau and Ricky, "Likes y cicatrices"which gives its name to the album, or "Just say it"with Miriam Rodríguez.

It is clear to us that by listening to the titles of these albums you will have traveled back in time, just as we did in 2014 y 2017 when he came to captivate us, so we propose you to experience it live at his concert again at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena on August 8. Tickets already available.

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