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Gala dinnersNew secure dinner format for 500 people
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New secure dinner format for 500 people

These last weeks at San Miguel Tarraco Arena we have presented different format solutions to adapt our on-site events to a new reality.

All the formats presented are being very well received by the main players in the sector. Event organizing agencies and large companies are showing special interest in continuing to move forward with our usual activity.


You all want to know the feasibility of the different formats, their main features and associated costs. Remember that you can ask for any extra information by sending an e-mail to

On the one hand, the level of acceptance by the companies is very satisfactory. Especially when checking the characteristics of each format. Convenience and security "are the first thing!"


This leads us to believe that all does not seem to be lost in the events sector.



Also the response from our followers on Linkedin is being very positive and that is to be appreciated. Thank you all for your support and affection. We are sure that together we will move forward.

This week we present the new format that allows us to organize a banquet for about 500 guests. This capacity is estimated, since calculations indicate that we could place with safe distance about 200 more people on the dance floor. Also, as you know, we have an elevated area of about 1.700m2 with capacity for about 240 people, also maintaining the safety distances. So we are talking about a gala dinner, depending on its adaptability and always keeping the safety distances, between 100 and 1,000 people. Incredible, isn't it?


The proposal you see in the 3D rendering is an initial idea that we can adapt according to your needs. We can favor the installation of a larger stage, a smaller one or make it disappear. Also the central module can vary being a beverage service area, EPIS distribution or we can simply relocate it to another point of the enclosure.

The tables we install in this format have a capacity of 12 people. A maximum of 6 diners will be seated at each table, thus maintaining the safety distances recommended by the health authorities. This safety distance would also be maintained between tables, leaving enough space for the circulation of people and wait staff. 

The different areas or corralitos where we will place the different groups of tables are properly delimited and all have a capacity of between 120 and 150 people.

This format has different distribution options and, as you can see, it adapts to any need or situation that may arise. San Miguel Tarraco Arena is undoubtedly one of the most versatile spaces in the Mediterranean.


In Tarraco Arena we work on the safety and hygiene protocols of our enclosure.



The most important item is the security at the event. For this we can name different safety measures that we will take, such as disinfection disinfection of the different areas, digitized and controlled with temperature measurements, disinfection tunnels, dispensing of gel, etc. gel y masksmedical service, ozone cleaning ozone cleaningetc.

Among all the parties involved in the project we have to ensure the greatest peace of mind for all attendees and work hand in hand to make it happen.


Catering companies will certainly be subject to greater sanitary control , which remains to be seen. We are currently studying different plating systems with the product well covered and protected. We will see how the catering sector progresses in this regard.

At San Miguel Tarraco Arena we continue working to ensure the continuity of the on-site events and reinforcing our technology to offer you the best streaming. 

Very soon you will meet again with your family and friends to share a pleasant evening at Tarraco Arena.

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