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Immersive circular format for secure events

At San Miguel Tarraco Arena we continue working on multiple solutions that allow the continuity of on-site events. This week we present an immersive circular format that ensures the comfort and experience of the spectator.

After the 360º format that we presented a few days ago and that shows the possibility of organizing an event with all attendees seated inside perfectly delimited blocks or corralitos with a maximum capacity of between 40 and 60 people each, in San Miguel Tarraco Arena we want to give you more facilities.

Surely you have sometimes thought that San Miguel Tarraco Arena, with a central square of 2,500m2, is too big for corporate events of 50, 100, 150 or even 300 people. We have a maximum capacity of 10,800 people and these figures, for any event organizing agency, are frightening. With the new scenario of capacity reduction, these figures presented by San Miguel Tarraco Arena become a great opportunity to give continuity to small capacity events that need enough space.


And now the question is, how to do it?

We present a rendering that shows a novel solution to create one or more circular spaces in the central square of San Miguel Tarraco Arena. The idea is to delimit the space according to the requested capacity and within each circular format to have enough space for attendees to maintain the corresponding safety distance.

For an event of for example 300 people, we can create in the same central square 3 immersive areas with capacity for 100 people each. The separating walls of each area can be rear projection panels or, if preferred, LED screen modules.


The attendee will see the presentation or conference in each of the areas at the same time as the other areas, creating an instant, complete and secure experience for the customer.


As we also mentioned in the last blog post, our technology development team is working on a virtual ID that allows each attendee to have a seat assigned instantly once they confirm their presence at the event. In this way each person will be sent a QR code notifying them in a very visual way which will be their immersive area, their seat, the time of access to the venue, door number and the route to their initial assigned location.

The immersive circular format is a solution that will revolutionize the way of creating and thinking of many event organizers. Let's hope it will be a good boost for agencies that want to offer their clients adaptable seating solutions in large indoor ven ues such as San Miguel Tarraco Arena.


Do you want to know more about this format? Contact us at and we will develop this innovative project together. 

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