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ConcertsPablo Alborán returns with his tour "La Cuarta Hoja".

Pablo Alborán returns with his tour "La Cuarta Hoja".

He will perform this summer at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena to present his sixth album "La cuarta hoja". Tarragona will be the first city in Catalonia where you can enjoy this tour. Pablo Alborán was with us at the San Miguel Tarraco Arena in 2015 and 2018, with his Terral Tour y Prometo Tour.Check the images in our archive!


Last December 2, the artist released his latest album "La cuarta hoja". The first song of his new album was "Carretera y manta", a hit and one of the most radiated and listened to songs on digital platforms.

In the presentation of the project, he emphasized that his album speaks of "loving tooth and nail, of jumping into the pool, of not begging for love where there is none".

Emphasizing the value of friendship, he assures that this album is very positive:

"This album is to be enjoyed and sung at the top of my lungs. This last year I have experienced incredible things. I have been able to be close to people again, on a wonderful tour that has inspired and motivated me. I have traveled a lot for work... and for pleasure too, and I have returned with a suitcase full of songs. It's a positive album that talks about loving tooth and nail. About jumping into the pool, not begging for love where there is none, and that some wounds can also be healed with a few drinks with friends. And, in life, whichever path you choose, there will always be someone there. Because in the end we all know that life is not always wonderful, but it can be, depending on the glass through which you look at it. One cannot be constantly looking for a four-leaf clover.

You are the fourth leaf.

"La Cuarta Hoja" is a tour that represents a very important stage in Pablo Alborán's career. It is a musical journey in which the singer shows his deepest feelings, through his music. The tour consists of a repertoire of songs from his previous albums, such as "Prometo" and "Vértigo", but also includes some new songs that were recently released.


The name of the tour, "La Cuarta Hoja" (The Fourth Leaf), refers to the leaf that Alborán found while writing one of his songs. This leaf symbolizes the moment in which he decided to open his heart and show his vulnerability through his music. That is why each song on the tour is a leaf in his personal story.


The tour is a showcase of Alborán's talent and emotional ability to connect with his audience through his music. Without a doubt, this tour has left an indelible mark on the music and career of one of the most important artists on the music scene today.

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